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Why Rely Services?

Offshore Data Entry Services and Voice Transcription Services

Rely Services with its ISO 9000, 17799 & HIPAA guidelines following company offers you a comprehensive range of quality, time and cost-effective turnkey solutions for a complete range of front and back office needs, of various industries verticals, around the globe.

Our Locations

Rely Services currently has presence in 3 states, with headquarters in Illinois Hoffman Estates and operation units in Michigan and Ohio. They are on the verge of expanding their presence in more states.

Rely Services also has a global presence and has offshore operation units in Australia, India Pune & Chennai.

Our Employees

Our strength is our family of 450 employees working in tandem with the business and operational needs of the customer. The highly skilled and competent staff has experience in serving customers quickly, accurately and reliably. Our employees are under legal non-disclosure bonds to work on your confidential and business information. Our Facilities

  • Three shifts of 150 operators each, which can be scaled to 250 operators per shift as needed.
  • Over 250 workstations with 12 servers with features like replication, fail over, load balancing, and mirroring and co-located servers with a vast area of room for expansion.
  • In-house Software Development team to support and develop ongoing and new projects. We use latest innovative technologies that help us deliver and customize output as per customer needs.
  • Redundant data storage space.
  • Round-the-clock power supply with backup power generator equipment.
  • Daily Data Backup for data security.
  • Round-the-clock armed security personal.
  • Company provided transportation, for contingencies.

Rely as the Best Outsourcing Choice

At Rely Services, we have an efficient team that will analyze your business needs for Data Processing, Voice Transcription and more, and provide you with a quote and timely solution. Our full-fledged services include an analysis of your existing business system and a time-bound solution for your data processing needs.

Our stringent ISO-9000 quality-control guidelines ensure that the data entry services like Data conversion, Data Processing, HCFA- 1500, UB92 & ADA-94 and Insurance Claims Processing. Insurance Claims Processing, XML, SGML, HTML and transcription services like – voice transcription, legal transcription and outsourcing services are implemented with highest quality.

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