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Utilities & Energy

Both big and small utilities face continuous challenge to improve their customer service and reduce operating costs. These pressures are overstated due to advances in the technology ecosystem and impact a workforce which is undergoing a generational change  from baby boomers to individuals as a result of information technology development from home from work to home.

As a result of increasing demand for energy across the globe has compelled energy companies to think over current investment pattern they have with a strong desire to reduce various costs involved and create new avenues to generate the revenue. Energy and utilities sector is facing tremendous pressure to do more with less and still achieve high quality, the solution is an Indian outsourcing.

In this situation, utilities are on the look out for trusted and highly skilled assistance. Rely Services Inc is a company helping worldwide utilities to focus on their core competencies by:

  • Increasing their revenues.
  • Rely Services Inc’s Business Process Outsourcing services help utilities succeed on both the fronts- by providing excellent customer service and reducing the transactional cost.

With several years of experience and expertise, Indian outsourcing companies  have acquired skills in the utilities and energy sector.

Some of the Benefits of Partnering With Rely Services:

  • Effective managements helps you to concentrate on your core competencies while we take care of your non-core work.
  • Low Cost
  • Reduced Time
  • Make wise decisions to design with enhanced data.

Today, consumers can easily shift from their current utility service provider. Accurate billing, swift issue resolution has become their highest priority. Consumers insist on personalized approach and information rich experience. Social media has played a vital role while interacting with customers. These challenges are pushing utilities and energy sector to “do-more-with-less”. Indian outsourcing enables them to reduce the cost to serve but also helps in business process optimization.

On the other hand, Indian outsourcing plays a crucial role. Some of the reasons include:

  • Well recognized information technology skills
  • Gap between costs in India and developed countries
  • Work practices in compliance with ISO and SEI SMM standards
  • Reliable satellite communication offers excellent broadband connectivity with the rest parts of the world.

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