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Data Entry - Shipping

Ocean shipment has facilitated the goods transportation across the globe tremendously easy and many organizations depend on it for their logistics requirement. Ocean shipping companies constantly face several challenges that may fetter the success of their operations. With the state of the world economy and increasing business demands, competitive business atmosphere has never been difficult.

Rely Services Inc offers a wide range of solutions for the shipping industry, aimed towards enhancing your organization and providing competitive edge. We possess in-depth industry knowledge to guarantee the best outcome for our services.  Our services are not limited to create efficient operations but also insights to augment the performance of your supply chain.

The current shipping market is witnessing outsourcing as an emerging trend to maintain a competitive edge in the market. An experienced outsourcing player with in-depth domain knowledge and expertise in shipping documentation, complex processes, terminal operations, customer service can surely help shipping companies reduce the risk involved in market volatility.

Our Supporting Services:


Today, there is an immense need of effective back office data management to operate your business without any hassle and smoothly. Most companies generate voluminous data without skilled resources. Hence, back office data management has become a big challenge and a hindrance. Rely Services Inc possess the professional ability to streamline your data management requirement along with the desired cost savings.

We offer the following services:

-Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion

-Data Mining

-ECatalog Management

-Indexing and Archiving


Data Entry Services

Online and Offline Data Entry

-From books and papers

-Business transcription data entry

-From image file

-Data entry from a hard copy

-Data entry into software programs and applications

-Data conversion

-Data capture

-Data extraction

-Data processing


Data Processing Services

Rely Services Inc offers excellent data processing services to its clients which helps them to summarize the information into understandable formats, generate statistics and powerful tables.

-Survey processing

-Data Mining

-Forms processing

-Check processing

-Image processing

-Results processing

-Credit card processing

Rely Services is your one stop destination for all data processing requirements and services. We have trained professionals and experts who will take care of your task and save time and money.

Data Conversion Services

In today’s fast growing business environment, it is of utmost importance to access accurate information. Access to the right information that discusses your business, customers and stakeholders makes considerable difference positively. Rely services offers the best data conversion services to help you data convert and secure in the best possible way.

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