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Medical Claims Services

Medical Claims Services

Rely Services On Demand Medical Claims Form processing accommodates seamless electronic forms processing across all medical fields and specialties. We process millions of medical, dental, insurance and institutional claims (UB-92, HCFA-1500, CMS-1500, ADA, forms) for various practices across all vertical markets. Rely posts Electronic Remittance Imaging and Indexing claims form management tools, a customized emerging technology solution; designed to meet your demand from paperless to electronic file conversion.


  • Cost Reduction and Time Savings
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Enhanced Security – Adhering to HIPAA guidelines
  • On Demand Medical Call Center Solution
  • Complete Workflow with your Existing EMR, CRM, or CMS
  • Provides an electronic representation of an original paper page or document
  • Reduces physical storage space occupied by paper files
  • Allows for fast retrieval of the page or document when combined with an indexing system
  • Improves document access between multiple users and locations


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