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Xml, Sgml, Html Conversion Services

Rely Services provides XML, SGML and HTML conversion of your documents for content delivery via the Internet. Rely Services is an XML services company offering XML training, conversion of data to XML, and general XML consulting. We specialize in helping businesses in any industry assess their XML opportunities and needs, implement appropriate XML applications and maintain and update XML content.

SGML conversion is slightly different from HTML conversion and XML conversion in that the language uses tags like DATATAG, OMITTAG, SUBDOC.

Rely Services provides services like HTML / XML / SGML conversions – from simple hard copy paper documents to web based information articles, manuals, legal documents, etc. – across a wide variety of browsers and platforms.

We do these conversions with assured quality – the hallmark of Rely Services.

Data Conversion of XML and SGML:

The data conversion to XML includes journals, books and pamphlets that are now in print form, as well as information that currently resides on CDs. Once the XML conversion is complete, apply HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) styling to the content for display on the web.

We convert contents from various proprietary formats, such as word processing and graphics software-into the XML format, which consists of content- descriptive tags. Foresighted companies are doing the conversion to XML now. Once the conversion of existing content is completed, maintaining and updating the original source is relatively simple.

SGML XML Conversion Benefits: –

No question, getting your company’s data into SGML/XML is a smart thing to do. However, before you dive right in, stop and consider the benefits that differentiate SGML/XML from older formats. It is important to get a handle on these issues before embarking on a conversion project, because otherwise you are apt to miss XML’s most valuable benefits. SGML/XML focuses on categorizing content saving time and money. A well thought out and meticulously applied tag set will let you enjoy the full benefits of XML. A hastily conceived or sloppily applied tag set will yield a result that may technically qualify as XML, but wont let you benefit from XML’s strengths.

When converting to SGML/XML, however, the emphasis is on text and structure, not text and appearance. In addition, unlike appearance information, structure information is often not present in the original document. Off-the-shelf software tools are incapable of accurately inferring, in an arbitrary context, how a specific paragraph is supposed to be tagged. Companies that specialize in SGML/XML conversions usually develop a suite of proprietary software conversion tools and then customize them for each client’s needs.

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