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Data Conversion Services

As a pioneer in the Outsourcing Data Processing industry, Rely Services offers a variety of data conversion solutions utilizing the latest technology available to automate the process.

Data Conversion is a process of converting data stored in one format to another format, such as converting data stored as integers to data stored as floating point numbers. Data conversion occurs when data is transferred from one system to another. Often when data is moved from one system to another, some form of data conversion is required to convert the data to a format the receiving system can interpret. Sometimes it is necessary to have an intermediate format.

Rely Services uses sophisticated computer validations and table look-ups in addition to 100% key-to-key verification. All work is batched and monitored through the entire process to ensure that it is following the client specifications. We follow strict quality assurance and monitor the quality of the work and operator performance.

Database-driven design is supposed to be the most convenient manner to organize data on the WWW in a structured way so that you and your clients can access them without trouble. Data is made available online with a web server at its front-end and a database server at its back-end.

Here are some of the Data Conversion services offered by Rely Services:

  • Document Conversion
  • XML Conversion
  • OCR
  • CAD Conversion
  • Book conversion
  • Word Processing
  • Image Keying
  • Image Capturing
  • Catalog Conversion and Digitization
  • Internet Publishing

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