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Practice Management

Medical Billing Practice Management

Rely has developed Smart Practice to assist clients who would like to incorporate an intelligent practice management system. Smart Practice is available as a Basic or Platinum program.

Smart Practice Basic

  • Interactive Pre-Adjudication System
  • Patient Demographics
  • Insurance Information
  • Scheduler
  • Claim Detail Information
  • Authorizations
  • Facility Information
  • Financials

Smart Practice Platinum Includes Basic features plus:

  • Web Based Point and Click Encounter Forms
  • Viewable EOB’s
  • Viewable Encounter Forms
  • Eligibility, Authorization and Referral Requirements
  • Auto-Posting: Electronic and Paper EOB’s
  • Viewable and Retrievable Medical Transcriptions and EMRs

RELY provides additional options including:

  • Auto Posting
  • EOB Archiving
  • EOB Imaging and Retrieval

We are confident that there is nothing to loose and everything to gain by outsourcing to Rely Services Inc. In fact, our solutions can be so effective that a natural partnership is formed where Rely ‘s participation becomes a significant factor in our customer’s bottom line.

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