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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing As Seen Today

Outsourcing has never been so practical or made so much business sense in today’s world. The question today is not “Why outsource?” but rather, “Why not?” More than 185 of Fortune 500 companies already have offshore centers in India.

Today with advancement of technology and globalization the question is not “Whether to outsource or not?” but ” Whom do I outsource it to? Therefore, it is necessary to find a reliable partner.

Companies are increasingly choosing to outsource work. In today’s highly networked world, it is very easy to outsource your requirements. It has become common to outsource IT/software outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO), call center outsourcing, Consultancy Outsourcing, a wide spectrum of work, etc. Outsourcing services are on the rise. Blue chips like IBM, HSBC, HP, Microsoft and many other global companies have realized the benefits of outsourcing.


What Exactly Is Outsourcing?

Simply put, outsourcing is to contract to specialists a company’s non-core, non-revenue producing activities.

Outsourcing is different from contracting in that outsourcing involves restructuring of an organization in what it does best i.e. the core competency of the company. Simply put, outsourcing is to contract to specialists a company’s non core, non revenue producing activities.

Out of the many outsourcing services available today, data entry outsourcing, transcription services outsourcing and data processing outsourcing are some of the common services companies outsource enables them to focus on core functions. The outsourcing of non-core functions forms a lion’s share in the outsourcing business. They have a lion’s share in the outsourcing services business.

Briefly, here are the common reasons companies outsource:

  • A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with USA and other major markets for IT & IT-enabled Services.
  • A huge pool of English speaking and computer literate graduate manpower, who will continue to cater to the ever growing demand for professionals for IT & IT-enabled Services
  • Outsourcing helps reduce and control operating costs.
  • Outsourcing improves a company’s focus to its core competencies.
  • To gain access to excellent capabilities.
  • Outsourcing helps free a company’s internal resources for other purposes.
  • Make-up for the unavailability of resources.
  • Accelerate reengineering benefits.
  • Functions, which are difficult to manage/out of control.
  • Make capital funds available.
  • To share risks.
  • For cash infusion.

Outsourcing also helps a company to develop products and beat the competition. By opting for outsourcing, companies can concentrate on their core competencies and increase their profits.

Thus, it is seen that outsourcing services is a very efficient way for a company to be lean and competitive.

Rely as the Best Outsourcing Choice

At Rely Services, we have an efficient team that will analyze your business needs for data processing, voice transcription and outsourcing services to provide you with a cost and time effective solution. Our services include a careful analysis of your existing business system and a time bound solution for your data processing needs.

And our stringent ISO-9000 quality control guidelines ensure that the data entry services like – data conversion, data processing, HCFA-1500, UB92 & ADA-94, insurance claims processing, Xml, Sgml, Html and transcription services like – voice transcription, legal transcription and outsourcing services are implemented with highest quality levels.

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