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Voter Registration

Rely Services takes pride in capturing voluminous data of Voter Registration Cards for various federal and state agencies, turning that data into information for powerful campaign marketing tool.

Rely Services develops customized software for data validation/correction for the handwritten Voter Registration Cards which immensely helps campaign manager sort out human/handwriting errors, generated while filling up the forms.

One of the projects with 500,000 Voter Registration Cards was executed in record time of 2 weeks and with mission critical accuracy. The agency was impressed with us going that extra mile to sort out their classification/sorting difficulties on account of illegible/wrongly filled forms and in-turn rewarded us by giving repeated orders and more customer references.

With rich experience and expertise in executing these projects, Rely Services becomes the natural choice for any customer requiring capture of Voter Registration Data or any similar kind of forms requiring exceptional handwriting analysis skills and intelligent software validation.

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