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Legal Data Protection


Rely LPO is fully apprised of the need for maintaining highest standards of security and confidentiality of data, information and material that is shared by the client.

Within Rely LPO this is ensured by a regime, which has multiple layers of security, independent checking, reporting and tracking.

Following protocol are enforced for this security regime:

  • Segregation and Compartmenting of client/ individual data/information from legal data to ensure that the two can not be put together except by few persons with required security clearance
  • IT tools for allocating and rotating the data to various work benches in a random manner
  • Employee verification and background checking at start of employment and at every six months period
  • Employee background checking from an independent security agency
  • Enforceable legal agreement with every employee duly backed up by financial guarantee
  • Automated access control system with layered implementation
  • CCTV Monitoring of all the work space on 24X7 basis with automated recording
  • Fully automated back up procedures on separate machine with off site back ups on twice daily basis at a different geographical location
  • Security audits by experts on periodic basis

We will be happy to share more detailed information about the exact procedures, reports and client interface for security and confidentiality. Please contact us for more details

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