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Legal Processes

SERVICES PROVIDED BY RELY LPO – ( Legal Processes Outsourcing ) Rely LPO provides a wide range of professional services listed below:

  • Deposition and trial summarization
  • Legal Transcription services
  • Case management and database management
  • E-discovery support
  • Factual and legal research
  • Letter and memo drafting
  • Creation and maintenance of contract databases
  • Comparison of contracts to model agreements, identification of differences and standardization of agreements
  • Database solutions for contract management
  • Gather and summarize legal information such as case law decisions for companies that provide legal content
  • Manage and update information in legal content databases
  • Perform legal and business research specific to client data bases, such as securities class action litigation Employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, escrow agreements, powers of attorney, consulting agreements, shareholder agreements, services agreements
  • Organize and prepare corporate legal forms, handbooks, privacy policies and compliance manuals
  • Draft board minutes and maintain minute books

With an incessantly shrinking world ruled by globalization, International Law Firms and Legal Departments of big corporate houses need to think strategically and act quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition. Outsourcing/Off shoring your high-end and routine legal work to reliable industry leaders will help you to improve the quality of the final output and also control inflated expenses incurred by essential legal support services.

Due to the desire of law firms to become a part of the global business, Legal Process Outsourcing or LPO, is widely spreading and is becoming a hot favorite. Rely LPO offers a great combination of legal expertise along with business acumen and superior quality services to deliver not only innovative services but also cost-competitive legal support services.

The range of legal processes being outsourced to LPO has evolved from routine transaction Intellectual Property and Secretarial Support to more domain specific work typically performed by our trained Lawyers, Legal Assistants, and Paralegal Professionals. The experienced professionals at Rely LPO keep pace with today’s dynamic environment; constantly upgrade their professional skills; and keep track of the latest developments in the field of law. They are well-conversant with all related commercial and regulatory standards and have in-depth knowledge of various legal systems and processes, including those of the USA, UK and other European countries.

Rely LPO is a single-source provider of the best-quality legal support services and caters to prominent law firms and big corporate legal departments across the globe. We forge long-term relationship Intellectual Property with all our clients, working side by side to understand their methodology and assess their exact requirements.

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