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Pune - India

  • 2 facilities of 6000 plus sq ft of floor space.
  • Ability to handle 80 plus manpower in one shift and 240 in 3 shifts at each facility.
  • Each facility runs in 3 shifts for cost effectiveness.
  • Facility secured by Bio-Metric access, man guard for restricted access to employees only.
  • Power generator with attached un-interrupted power supply which can run and supply power for more than 48 hr as needed. The maximum we have ever needed has been about 6 hrs.
  • Employees go through local State Police background checks.

Description of installed equipment & communications hardware:

  • Cisco and D-Link Managed switch with 100 Mbps network.
  • Cyberguard firewall.
  • Internet Capacity 12 Mbps; further expandable as needed.
  • 2 Broadband internets as fallback option.
  • All internet communications shall be conducted via secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) which shall transact data in secured and encrypted environment.
  • Rely’s internal system security is enforced with hardware firewall, software firewall, antivirus and anti-spam software with regular updates.

Equipment/hardware in use/available

  • 110 Intel machines with 1 GB RAM and 240 GB HDD.
  • HP and Dell Servers.
  • All of the equipment is owned

Legal status (subsidiary, affiliate, etc.)

  • Subsidiary relation.
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