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Our Approach: Business Process Optimization

When Rely Services Inc. first started out, we began our journey in the arena of business process outsourcing with a deep presence in data services. Our eagerness and dedication quickly led us into growing leaps and bounds, not only in revenue, but in our approach. We have won the trust of numerous clients in the public, private and government sectors, yet we have not relented or become content in our pursuit of excellence. Rely has expanded its knowledge and depth across multiple industries firsthand and with partners. Without the opportunities and experiences we were awarded by our clients and partners, we would not be where we are today.

Since the late 90’s, business process outsourcing has been a two edged sword. Often times productivity, communications and morale were sacrificed or lost in translation. In addition, the initial cost benefits that were available then are not as present today or those benefits have already been realized. As Rely witnessed in numerous cases, we would provide the services that our clients requested (which usually comprised of their immediate needs) only to find that the delivery or completion of those services was not the solution that they truly needed. There needed to be a different approach if we were to not only provide excellent service, but true value and solutions.

As stated before, the deep relationships that we were privileged to be a part of and in conjunction with the expertise of our team(s), we were able to (re)define, (re)shape and (re)invent ourselves. Our approach has always been to satisfy the present needs of our client but now we are also focused on presenting solutions that go well beyond those present needs. This change in direction or evolution is what we call business process optimization.

So what is business process optimization? It is the act of defining the proper process, an optimization of that process and most importantly the execution of that said process. BPO is versatile and able to cross any boundary, application, industry or platform. Its aim can be on a holistic or specific level but keeps in mind the balance of both.

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