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Mobile Applications

Nowadays all around the world have the explosive growth of the mobile application market has created a vast and complicated set of alternatives for developers because of an increasingly important role in everyone’s life. Mobile applications are a rapidly rising segments of the international mobile market, which consist the software runs on a mobile device and performs certain tasks for the clients. Consumers are migrating to Smartphone mobile devices that are Internet enabled for work and play and, most importantly, with family, friends and colleagues. The mobile software technology comprises a wide variety of platforms, technologies, and architecture choices. So it makes mobile application development easier and cost-effective. Application developers must address both business and technical issues in deciding which platforms to support. There are more than a dozen platforms for which developers can build applications.


Our Project execution Methodologies:

  1. Agile
  2. Waterfall

Rely’s customers are in different Industries with solutions of various platforms. Depending upon the project requirements we can decide which Methodologies should be used to make project successful.

Why Agile?

Highly volatile requirements of mobile applications require adaptive software development methods. Several attempts to address challenges in mobile software engineering have found agile methodology to be appropriate for mobile application development. An efficient mobile software development concept derived from Agile-Scrum methodology is designed in this project. A light-weight Android application for secure and incremental backup has been developed using the proposed methodology.

Why Waterfall?

However In some development projects, the complete set of requirements can be accurately identified in advance. This allows the development team to predict, to large extents, the nature of flow of the project and thus, structure the complete development process into phases, with clear deliverables at the end of each phase. This methodology is widely known as the Waterfall Model.

Our delivery model


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