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As mainland tax service cost increase, it has forced a large number of accountants and companies to opt outsource tax preparation services to minimize operating cost and maximize profits.

To accomplish this, we at Rely Services offer customized tax preparation and processing services by applying industry’s best tax software of your choice. At Rely, you also get the benefit to access online Accounting and Finance journals to know the latest market research and changes within the finance sector.

Why to outsource your tax processing services to Rely Services Inc’s Business Process Outsourcing?

Our tax processing and preparation service methodology offers a great way to achieve tax compliance workload and accomplish the job within the stipulated timeline. This allows you to improve your focus on building strong client relationship. Our rich experience in U.S tax preparation and reporting. We apply top of the line tax software and technology. Our streamlined training programs keep you updated with the latest technology and software workflow.

Rely Services Inc provides tax preparation services for the federal and state tax returns as follows:

  • Heavy Equipment Use Tax
  • Fiduciary Income Tax
  • Partnership Income Tax
  • ‘S’ Corporation Income Tax
  • ‘C’ Corporation Income Tax
  • Individual Income Tax
  • Non Profit Corporation Tax

What tax processing and tax preparation services available with Rely Services Inc?

We offer tax preparation services for the following:

  • Form 1120- For companies and Corporations
  • Form 1065- For Partnerships
  • Form 1040- For Individuals



  • Tangible Tax
  • Partnership Income Tax
  • Individual Income Tax (All States)
  • Corporation Income Tax
  • Intangible Tax
  • Charter Tax


Cost Benefits to You:

Our tax outsourcing service can cost you 50% to 60% less than the normal tax preparation cost . This will surely increase your profit margins but also offers to achieve an excellent new customer pool.  By outsourcing to India, you can easily save costs.


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