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As the global economy throws signs of improvement, manufacturing sector is also focussing on the growth and cost part simultaneously. The days are gone when organizations demanded low cost transaction processing and sourcing. Now, they also demand profitable outcomes and effective support in addressing latest challenges. Increasingly, companies started to opt BPO model to accomplish the dual goals, through labor arbitrage and economies scale, jointly with optimized common processes and superior service levels.

Manufacturing industry has outsourced non-core processes since long. For example, human resources and finance. In recent years, this has been shifted to procurement and supply chain. Many organizations have started to spread their wings by offering high-value such as product design and innovation, sales & service management, marketing and social media.

Why Rely Services?

  • Rely’s solutions offer excellent on the bottom line and top line enhancement through extensive domain knowledge, business insight and intelligence tools.
  • Rely Inc’s BPO offerings range from traditional outsourced processes which includes Supply Chain Management, Customer Operations Management, Finance and Accounting, and Procurement.
  • Rely Inc’s experience and capability to diagnose the specific challenges helps you to accomplish the right balance of value and savings.
  • Our industry expertise help manufactures to navigate the complex marketplace.

Rely Services BPO offerings include:

  • Data Entry
  • Scanning and Imaging
  • Data Conversion
  • Transcription
  • Data Conversion

Other benefits include:

  • Speed, Reliability and Convenience
  • Payment Assurance
  • Cost Effectiveness and Improved Accuracy
  • Risk Management

The global BPO industry growth is expected to 6.5% until 2015. This is driven by both continual growth of the traditional outsourced areas of human resource, finance and accounting and customer service and swifter augmentation of new avenues such as product design and innovation, supply chain management and marketing functions.

  • Finance and Accounting:  Largely, top manufacturers have outsourced their transactional F & A activity like general ledger and fixed assets, billing and invoicing, travel and entertainment, order management and collections. Some companies are now opting to outsource new business and pricing analysis, audit and risk management, business performance analysis and cost analysis.
  • Product Design and Innovation: The current BPO market for product design is small but projected to grow by almost 30% in the next four years. Some leading manufacturers have started to offshore their selected R $& D tasks via shared service model in developing countries.
  • Supply Chain Management: The increasing complexity will steer outsourcing model mainly in three areas: Order Management, Procurement and Sourcing Management and Logistics Management.
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