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The legal industry across the globe is swiftly turning towards outsourcing to gain efficiency and profit in a highly competitive market. Recognizing the fact that legal companies need to focus on their core competencies and leave back end processes in the hands of competent outsourcing service providers is increasing the demand for legal business process outsourcing. Indian outsourcing has played a vital role since last few years.

The Indian legal system closely resembles with the U.S, U.K , Canada and some part of Europe. There are several factors which favor Indian attorneys:

Indian attorneys with the U.S and UK qualifications can be found in abundance.

  • Familiar with common law doctrines
  • The quality and speed of the work accomplished
  • Most Legal Business Process Outsourcing offer 24/7 support
  • High ratio of English speaking attorneys
  • The most crucial advantage- Time Zone

The strongest benefits of Legal Business Process Outsourcing:

  • Cost effective: Using an offshore attorney is far cheaper than hiring the USA or UK based attorney.
  • Time Zone: Time zone difference work in favor
  • No Language Barrier: There can never be a communication or language as a barrier. Indian lawyers are well acquainted with English communication skills.
  • Quality Drive Performance: The quality work delivered by the Indian talent is word recognized
  • Resource Access: The ability to ramp up and down the service levels without affecting the quality.
  • Relation of legal system:  Indian laws closely resemble to the U.S and UK legal system.

Today transcription services, secretarial support, voice messaging and word processing are outsourced to India on a large scale. More and more back end and administrative functions are being considered for outsourcing due to:

  • Billing
  • HR Activities
  • Formatting and Conversion of Applications
  • Finance Activities

The following processes are in high demand to get outsourced:

  • Litigation support, document processing, preparing case laws etc.
  • IPR- Patent Drafting
  • General Research and Review
  • Contract Reviews, Amendments and Proofing
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