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Database Consulting


DatabaseEvery organization wants to deliver the best results and stay efficient and effective. Rely Services help  you take your company to the advanced level with database consulting services. Our services will guide you how to cultivate a more efficient and reliable database environment which automatically makes you lead the marketplace.

Rely Services proven database consultancy can manage and utilize your data to offer you the most suitable business intelligence like other successful companies control to guide their operations.

The database plays a critical role in the IT and infrastructure of any enterprise.  Our expert BA consultants have broad experience in troubleshooting various huge databases in different operating systems and environments.

We provide independent DBA consultants fully capable in handling Support, Maintenance and Implementation. The following are the areas in which we offer DBA consulting services:

-Database & Infrastructure Design.

-High Availability and Scalability ( RAC, DATAGUARD, ASM etc.)

-Oracle Database 9i – 10g – 11g Upgrades.

-Oracle Applications Architecture & Infrastructure Design.

-High Availability and Scalability ( RAC, PCP, Load Balancer, DATAGUARD, ASM etc.) for Oracle EBS

-Oracle Applications Installations and Upgradations ( 11i to R12 with Database Upgrade).

-Oracle Enterprise Manager / Grid Control with AMP.

Rely’s Database Consulting Advantages:

-Installations: Rely helps their client to plan and implement a SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 optimally configured as per your business needs.

Upgrades:  Rely’s Process Advantage helps our clients in updating SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 through a safe procedure.

Oracle Upgrades:  Rely can successfully and effectively perform the transition to Oracle 11g.

-Patching:  Rely uses standard documented procedures to ensure that every task is executed in an orderly and timely manner.

Analytics: Rely’s data analytics services offer leverage business intelligence for an effective company.

Performance Analysis: Rely’s performance analysis process helps to evaluate the database health.

-Database Optimization: Rely will apply targeted recommendations from CHECK to fix, augment and enhance the database performance.

Some of the ways in which Rely’s database consulting services can assist you:

-Rely helps you cut down the potential downtime span and loss of business by executing a complex task which needs a unique expertise.

-Rely’s consultants respond in a timely manner to emergency situations to troubleshoot the problem and fix the issue.

-Rely’s expert team take over the tedious task when your in-house team is busy on another task.

-Rely helps in accomplishing the project deadline by swiftly deploying a data project.

-Rely with no time wasting deploy DBAs for you to cover large sized projects.

-Rely upgrades and enhances the data environment to offer leverage business intelligence for quick, smart and better decision making.

Data is the most crucial parts of any company. How would you like to manage and make the most out of it? Rely Services Inc will help you get there. All you have to do is contact Rely Services Inc and we will demonstrate our database consulting capabilities.

For more information related to our database consulting services, please get in touch with Rely Services Inc.

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