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Criminal Justice System

Looking at the current criminal justice system, it currently is heavily paper dependent. With data security and auditability lacking, a new solution has to be implemented. Rely Services has partnered up with CBM Archives to fill in the gap and provide a solution into this department to create a more efficient, more stable, working model. The areas listed below are specialized by Rely and CBM, including references for authentication.

About CBM Archives:

CBM Archives Co. is a dynamic, high tech document management firm headquartered in Texas with a field office in Austin. Founded in 1992, CBM Archives was one of the first companies to integrate document imaging of crime records into the law enforcement workplace.  Starting as a small records management facility, CBM recognized an ever-growing need for electronic document management.  CBM Archives quickly became an invaluable resource for early technology adopters and began to uncover the true value of varied document management systems.  For over 20 years, CBM Archives has met the needs of a variety of agencies and has grown to become an industry leader in providing document management solutions for government agencies and law enforcement.

Searching for Criminal Justice Document Management Solutions?

Rely Services can offer proven solutions to key areas Like:

-Jail Management Systems

-Criminal Automated Booking Systems

-Police Records Management Systems

-Adult Probations Systems

-Legal Case Management Systems

-Court Case Management Systems

All Systems can be customized to meet the particular needs that you may have so that you feel that you are not just taking an off the shelf software and trying to make it fit your systems.  Customizations are easy to perform and in line with the budget guide line you may be proposing.

Other Solutions:

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