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The global competition to attract subscribers remains furious across the continuous changing communications market spectrum as providers bunch similar service offerings to increase market advantage. Being able to valuably manage, augment and hold your subscriber relationships is the support of the communication industry. It is an area where Rely Services Inc excels.

Our Expertise

At Rely Services Inc, we own a profound industry knowledge intuitively from decades of experience. The telecom industry was the first to adopt outsourcing and we have been a leading provider since. We cover a wide array of entire communications spectrum end-to-end, emphasizing on enhancing the customer experience by making it more valuable and profitable.

Our deep expertise in the domain enables us to offer all-inclusive communication solutions that include contact center outsourcing and business process outsourcing. We have expertise to help you accomplish when packaging communication packages for the following:

-Smart phones and handheld PCs

-Cell phones

-DSL and Broadband



-Conventional telephone and long distance services


With our experience and expertise, we are distinctively situated to draw upon our knowledge in offering creative and tailored solutions. We have a proven track record of creating subscriber experiences that are diverse, effective and innovative to meet your needs aligning with your company customs.

As the communication industry continues to offer bundled packages, our complete understanding and customized approach provide a thorough solution.  Our deep understanding enables us to perform always, ensuring a trustworthy subscriber experience despite of the product or service.


We know what needs to be done to grow and maintain customer relationships. We constantly strive to improve the subscriber experience and help you attract new pool of subscribers. We have been doing it successfully for our clients and we can do it for you as well.

Data Entry Service:

With our back end outsourcing support and customer care solutions, we take pride in assisting you 24X7X365 cover to optimize the customer experience.

We can provide data entry in any environment. Whether it is your system or you want us to work together to build something for you, we offer back office data entry solutions for your precise requirements. If at any given point of time, your requirements vary, we have experienced and agile resources to swiftly adapt new responsibilities.

No matter how we receive the format or information, we can process in the desired output at cost-effective prices.

-Hard Copies

-Electronic Versions

-Secure FTP Sites

-UPPS Mail


-Indexing Images and Uploading

Realize our incredible results by leveraging our expertise in data entry services and BPO solutions. Please contact Rely Services Inc for your Communications data entry requirements.

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