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Carlinville - Illinois

  • 8000 + sqft of facility floor space able to handle 80+ manpower in one shift.
  • Facility audited by Illinois Dept of Revenue and Illinois State Police for security.
  • FTP/Data Servers are located within a secured data centers.
  • Additional Servers with mirroring for emergency.
  • Manpower: All of US employees have successfully cleared background checks by Illinois State Government.

Description of installed equipment & communications hardware

  • Cisco and D-Link Managed switch with 100 Mbps network.
  • Cyberguard firewall.
  • 50 p/minute front to back Fujitsu Scanners
  • Internet Capacity 12 Mbps; further expandable as needed.
  • Broadband internet as fallback option.
  • All internet communications shall be conducted via secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) which shall transact data in secured and encrypted environment.
  • Rely’s internal system security is be enforced with hardware firewall, software firewall, antivirus and anti-spam software with regular updates.
    • 60 Dell – Intel P4 machines with 1 GB RAM and 240 GB HDD.
    • Dell Power Edge Servers. All of the equipment is owned
SecurityRely insures the security of its client’s data by employing a multi-layered approach.  Surveillance cameras provide the first passive layer of security which is coupled with a fully secured facility with reinforced glass doors, electronic locks with mechanical fail-safe, automatic and manual chemical fire suppression systems, fire proof rooms, alarm systems, and policies of no bags and no outside electronic devices provide the first layer in physical defense.

  • Each employee is subjected to a background check that is satisfactory to the most stringent client’s

expectation.  Currently, we meet or exceed the levels of background verification for the Department of Revenue, police departments, and healthcare (HIPAA compliance).  We believe that by hiring the ‘right’ people we can stem many of staff caused data losses.

  • In addition, our facilities may employ security personnel that are specific to other requirements of

certain governmental or commercial contracts. These personnel may or may not be armed, again depending on the requirements of above-mentioned contracts.  In addition, our management personnel employ are trained in basic personnel-level security.

  • Our servers and operator stations are sheltered behind an electronic DMZ that includes Linux and

Windows firewalling, anti-virus, filtering, and additional measure implemented for contracts.  In addition, each desktop operator station receives current updates to all software and has independent anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware programs.  Each team member is also responsible for protecting log-in credentials, passwords, and company computers.

  • In addition, due to contractual obligation, visitors to our facilities may be required to undergo a U.S.

Department of Revenue background check.

  • In the event of data breach, operators may face civil or criminal liability as well as immediate


Data loss due to hardware or software faulting is easily recoverable by server side backup with offsite replication.  In the event of catastrophic failure of both onsite and offsite servers and their failsafe redundancy, each server is backed up externally on at least a weekly basis.  If necessary the frequency of these backups may be increased.

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