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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Rely Services Inc offers Business Intelligence consulting service, Reporting and Analytic solutions within a metric based environment. In order to secure data across the enterprise, and to enable its secure and effective access and finally get successfully delivered to the stakeholders, Rely Services promote an integrated suite of technologies, tools and techniques.

Rely Services reporting and analytic solutions are well equipped and backed by modern technologies, tools and techniques such as:

  • ACTUATE:   We help our clients in Version migration, Technical architecture, High-level design, Performance audit and tuning, Security audit and integration.
  • BO/CRYSTAL: This commanding and user-friendly application for small businesses delivers key insights to the right decision maker.
  • BIRT: Helps you in creating a quick and easy report with rich sets of the reporting element and templates to select from.
  • COGNOS: Helps you track performance metrics and business intelligence so you can augment your strategies, workflow and revenue.
  • SAS
  • SPSS

What Rely can offer?

Managed Services:

  • Report development
  • EDW architecture & design
  • Data integration & ETL
  • Business performance management
  • Statistical modeling
  • Analytics & report development
  • Report maintenance & support
  • Reporting system audit
  • Library of customizable, reusable content such as reports, KPI’s, strategy maps, scorecards, alerts, dashboards, statistical models
  • On-site – off-site – services
  • Supple pricing option

Why Rely Services?

  • Well-built focus on BI reporting and analytics
  • Over 10+ years’ market existence
  • Extensive experience with technologies like  ACTUATE, BIRT, BO / CRYSTAL, COGNOS, MICROSOFT, ORACLE, SAS & SPSS
  • Vast experience in various verticals
  • Superb back office support
  • Reusable library of customized reports, KPI’s dashboards, strategy maps and scorecards


Challenges for you:

  • Performance management
  • Interdependence of business functions & areas
  • Solving complex business problems
  • Accuracy & timeliness of information
  • Managing information overload
  • Information sharing across the organization


  • Scattered data
  • Size of the databases
  • Complexity of data model & applications
  • Data quality
  • Data analysis & information delivery
  • Trained personnel in a variety of software technologies


  • Get 3600 view and insight into all aspects of business
  • Timely, concise, actionable information for decision making
  • Information sharing across the organization
  • Data driven decisions
  • Master data management
  • Data governance
  • Metadata management

Information for everyone:

  • Dashboards
  • Scorecards
  • Alerts
  • OLAP
  • Controlled ad-hoc reporting

Rely Methodology:

We believe in creating a reporting and Business Intelligence System

Totally functional, Operational and Technical requirement analysis which involves:

  • Software and hardware requirement
  • Migration Analysis

Totally Architectural and Security Design which involves:

  • Planning and Standardization Of Design
  • Integration and Delivery Of New System

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