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Agile Consulting

After a long time, Agile development and management approach are undergoing major changes. Unfortunately, many companies find difficult to garner the agile benefits. By hiring experienced Agile consultants and professionals, you can easily save on time, effort and wrong starts.

Does your company face any of the following challenges?

  • Issues with product quality and rising technical debt
  • Development process not in-line with company’s growth
  • Futile collaboration
  • Improbable project schedules

Ask Rely Services Inc how we can help you succeed with Agile. All of our services are planned and designed to help you to become more Agile. This involves a persistent focus on learning and adapting swiftly to your environment.

Key Facts

  • Headquartered in Illinois, United States, Rely Services Inc is a global IT/ITES and Staffing solutions company
  • Strong international presence, with operations in the United States, India and Australia
  • Rely’s Agile advisory services offer end to end agile advisory and delivery services to clients that would help them accelerate agility in their company.

Agile benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased quality
  • Frequent releases
  • Attract quality talent
  • A development process that matches as your organization grows

Rely’s Agile-based services includes:

  • Software development
  • Service environment
  • Project Management

Rely’s agile processes offerings:

  • SCRUM and XP
  • Aligning Agile with CMMI processes

Rely Services Agile Scope:

Best-fit process: Rely identifies and evaluates your business objectives and process gaps involved if any and recommends best suitable methodologies to adapt Agile to gain business value.

CMMI to Agile: Rely helps clients to map the Agile practices to CMMI process areas.

Agile Program Management: Rely provides end to end Agile Program Management support to organizations already engaged in an Agile environment. This includes templates and process guidelines, process enhancement techniques, and defining team composition.

SCRUM Implementation: Rely offers end to end SCRUM process support by overlooking the complete implementation process fro an agreed number of sprints along with advisory services.

Agile Process Reviews: Rely undertakes separate audit for Agile methodologies and regular adherence checks and implementation reviews for validating the processes.

Agile Training: Highly interactive training sessions for executives, ScrumMasters,Team Members, Product Owners and Managers.

Agile Coaching: coaching is all time recommended for new Agile teams. After training, we work in close association with teams to put together training lessons into their daily work.

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