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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to send documents outside the country for processing?

No, gone are the days where you actually had to ship the document overseas. This method is not only expensive, but also risky in terms of losing the documents.

We eliminate all the risk and extra cost by giving you a choice of:

  • Locally scan your documents & upload to a secured FTP server in electronic TIFF images. We will provide you the initial onsite assistance.
  • Courier paper document by trackable method like Fed Ex, UPS etc. to Rely Services Inc. 2354 Hassell Rd, Suite B Hoffman Estates, IL – 60195
  • Email and Fax in some cases.

2. What about Customer Support?

We will assign a customer support representative to your account that will handle all your queries by phone, email or fax from our offices in US between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. You will have a single point of contact who can make decisions based on your requirements.

3.When do I use Onshore Services and when do I use Offshore Services?

Mostly Onshore services are used when clients need to have the data entered within contiguous US states and is not comfortable to outsource work outside the US. The drawback of this approach is higher project cost when compared with Offshore cost.

Offshore option is chosen to lower the cost of work and still maintain the same level of accuracy, security and quality of data. Using a location like India which is known for quality education, has made available cheap but competent and talented manpower. Salaries and other expenses are thus 40-50% lower compared to most of the developed America & European countries. Advent of Electronic data exchanges have helped leverage this global advantage to your business needs.

4. How do I pay you for your services?

Payment will be accepted in US by Check, Wire Transfer or Credit Card. All financial transactions processing will be done in US and in US dollars.

5. Why might I need your services?

In this Competitive market, your business is either lean, mean and effective or you risk being perished from the market. Outsourcing to us will free your resources to focus on core functional areas for growth.

6. Why should I outsource when I can hire someone to do it internally?

The following is a quote from Bill Gates from an April 1999 issue of Time.

“As a business manager, you need to take a hard look at your core competencies. Revisit the areas of your company that aren’t directly involved in those competencies, and consider whether Web technologies can enable you to spin off those tasks. Let another company take over the management responsibilities for that work, and use modern communication technology to work closely with the people – now partners instead of employees are doing the work. In the Web work style, employees can push the freedom the Web provides to its limits.”

7. I’m interested. What steps can I take?

Use any one of the methods that is convenient for you by contacting us.

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