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About Us

What started out as a business process outsourcing company in 1997, Rely Services Inc. has become a global leader in business process optimization. Expanding and growing the number of solutions and services with a systematic approach has led to the (re)defining, (re)shaping and (re)inventing of Rely.

With over 15 years of expertise and deep relationships with clients and partners, Rely has built business process optimization solutions that have been implemented across multiple industries and platforms.  These industries include: Banking, Communications, Finance & Accounting, Government, Healthcare, HR & PEO, Insurance, IT, Legal, Transportation & Logistics and Utilities & Energy.

Rely has over 450 professionals worldwide with over 10 solution centers and has multiple partners that work collectively to ensure the success and satisfaction of its clients.  Rely is also continuously expanding: physically by adding locations and team members and mentally by continually educating & training team members and growing the number of members on the board of directors that add experience and expertise.  All these efforts are afforded in order to provide with excellence, customizable solutions and options that clients deserve.

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